Patrick + Ryan are experts. We believe in sharing our knowledge.

We have been designing, building and delivering beautiful residences for our clients for over a decade and along the way we have learned a thing or two! We are constantly investigating, evaluating and  improving how we do things and are happy to share what we learn. If you choose to work with us, wonderful, if not, at least you will be better informed !



Q. Do I Need An Architect Or Just A Builder? 

This question pops up time and time again. We believe that every home should be a unique reflection of its inhabitants, designed to be beautiful and functional, within the constraints of available budget and planning possibilities. 


Q. What is Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and who has to pay it? 

Community Infrastructure Levy can cost potential clients tens of thousands of pounds. It is essential to understand what type of development is liable and budget accordingly from the outset.

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Q. How Are Planning Applications Assessed? 

Gaining planning permission is complex process. We specialise in residential planning applications our specialist skill set is the reason we have been able to establish and maintain our 98% planning success rate.

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Q. IS 3D Visualisation a good idea?

We offer the option of a 3D modelling and visualisation service for all of our projects, where we carefully craft a three-dimensional virtual reality simulation of your home. We think that the model allows us to explore design ideas and materiality options in a way that is accessible for our clients. But what do our clients actually think?


Q. How Long Will It Take To Get Planning Permission? 

When planning your project it is essential to have a realistic timeframe. One major consideration is the duration of a planning application. Luckily the planning process has statutory deadlines which set out the timeframes involved with different types of applications.